Competency Management

Nurturing Competence for Effective Conflict Resolution

At the International Dispute Resolution Institute (IDRI), we recognize that the effective management of competencies is essential for success in dispute resolution and conflict management.

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Competency Management

Building Competency Bridges for Conflict Resolution Success

Our competency management strategy focuses on identifying, nurturing, and strengthening the skills and expertise necessary to navigate complex disputes. Through tailored training programs, mentorship initiatives, and continuous learning opportunities, we empower individuals and organizations to develop proficiency in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and other conflict resolution techniques. By fostering a culture of competence, we equip our clients with the tools and confidence needed to resolve conflicts constructively and contribute to positive outcomes in diverse settings.

Capability Development

Why Choose IDRI for Capability Development?

Specialized Expertise

At IDRI, we bring together a team of seasoned professionals and industry experts to guide you through comprehensive Capability & Capacity Development programmes. Benefit from their wealth of experience in the fields of arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR], and conflict resolution.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Programmes feature a meticulously crafted curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Stay ahead of industry trends and best practices through our dynamic and up-to-date courses.

Holistic Approach

We adopt a holistic approach to Capacity & Capability Development, addressing not only the technical aspects of dispute resolution but also emphasizing the importance of ethical standards, global best practices, and effective communication.

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Empowering Individuals and Organizations Through Competency Management

At the International Dispute Resolution Institute (IDRI), we recognize the critical role of competency management in empowering individuals and organizations to excel in conflict resolution. Our tailored competency management approach encompasses comprehensive assessments, targeted training programs, and ongoing support to cultivate essential skills such as communication, negotiation, mediation, and problem-solving. By equipping our clients with the tools and expertise needed to navigate complex disputes effectively, we empower them to foster constructive dialogue, promote understanding, and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


We Receive The Best Client’s Review

IDRI is one of the best institutes abroad and in Nigeria with excellence in their training programmes.

Justice Ngozi Emehelu
Chief Judge, Enugu State High Court

Very knowledgeable and they impart knowledge seamlessly and in a simple manner that non-lawyers can easily follow and learn.

Mr. Hassan Bello
Fmr Executive Secretary/CEO, Nigerians Shippers' Council

The speakers for this training are world class and very knowledgeable. Their delivery was also very satisfactory.

Muhammad Sani Muhammad
Commission Secretary/Legal Adviser, National Pensions Commission

The learning process had meaningful interactions and the speakers were wonderful and articulate.

Justice Ahmad O. Belgore
Hon. Justice, Court of Appeal of Nigeria

I totally enjoyed the training programme and leaving better informed. This programme is of Harvard standard.

Lady Azuka Azinge
Fmr. Registrar-General, Corporate Affairs Commission

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